Month: August 2014


    Once, I went to Canada on my own to learn to ski (for work). After a top day spent falling over and being told off, I sat on my own drinking small stouts in the corner of a dumb ski bar, full of rich men comparing injuries. Two of them looked at me like I was the […]


    Why are we only supposed to eat gingerbread at Christmas? We have enough to eat then. These gingerbreads are nothing like the lads whose heads you like to bite off in December. They are soft, somewhere between cake and biscuit, and so perfectly spiced. And look how dark! I English-ised the recipe from Tartine but I […]


    I’m in the SEASHORE issue and I’m really happy about it. My piece is about cockles from Essex, and it sits alongside loads of other seafood loveliness. It’s out for reals on August 19th. That Vic took some lovely pics for it. Chiiiiiiipsssssss!