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  • Musso and Frank Grill

    In London, Christmas is the whole month of December. I see that now, from a distance. It’s about mulled wines on 2nd as much as it’s about turkey sandwiches late on 25th. A mince pie after every meal. The whole kit and caboodle. You only have to go outside to feel Christmas arrest your whole […]

  • Mozza2Go

    We are in LA for three months. If you’re on holiday, three months is a luxurious stretch, but if you’re living, it’s nothing. It’s one third of your friends’ innumerable pregnancies. One third of the time it takes to grow a human – a little or a lot depending on how you look at it. […]


    1) Du-pars is where you want to eat a pie, with its brown leather, black and white tiles, and light that’s gold like pastry. But I’m in a hurry so, regrettably, it’s coconut pie to go or no coconut pie at all. Du-Pars asks me, impatiently: “Coconut cream or coconut custard?”. “What’s the difference?” (I […]

  • Ten things I’ve enjoyed in the vast chasm of time that has passed since I last wrote a blog

    Almond granita with fingers of brioche, on repeat, in Siracusa. This coffee granita (so into smushed ice right now). Yogurtlu cop sis (practically weekly forever and ever at Numara Bos Cirrik on Stoke Newington High Street). Mum’s sticky toffee pudding. Crêpe suzette and Grand Marnier soufflé at Bistrot Paul Bert, my favourite restaurant in Paris/ the […]


    I’m eating a taco al pastor after an accidental 4-hour nap and there is this squealing sound that makes the kid next to me drop his horchata. “Ah,” says Rich. “Camotes”. A man walks through the middle of the road pushing a wood-fired pressure cooker – a steaming turquoise metal drum on wheels. Inside it, the […]


    I once read some writing guidelines that said you shouldn’t write stories about moments in time that change everything forever, because that’s boring. Never mind. Isn’t that most stories? Paris, my birthday, spring. We’ve torn through a poulet rôti in the park. And we’re all what shall we do now? Do you want to look […]