Ten things I’ve enjoyed in the vast chasm of time that has passed since I last wrote a blog

  1. Almond granita with fingers of brioche, on repeat, in Siracusa.
  2. This coffee granita (so into smushed ice right now).
  3. Yogurtlu cop sis (practically weekly forever and ever at Numara Bos Cirrik on Stoke Newington High Street).
  4. Mum’s sticky toffee pudding.
  5. Crêpe suzette and Grand Marnier soufflé at Bistrot Paul Bert, my favourite restaurant in Paris/ the world.
  6. Chips and scraps in Scarborough. Scraps are free?!
  7. Great bosoms of warm ricotta brought out from the oven on a tray at Caseificio Borderi, a wild sandwich shop in the middle of Siracusa’s market.
  8. Vermut Negre. Bit like Coca-Cola, bit like red wine, but better than both.
  9. Crab tater tots from Bob.
  10. A halloumi cone – it came through when I needed it the most at Glastonbury (post-Pharrell, pre-Kanye).