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    It is March 2008 and we have just got back from a trip to southeast Asia, Australia and all of that. The cupcake is only just a thing. Or actually I have no proper idea whether it’s a thing or not because I’m not on Twitter, so where would I find out what we like […]


    Sometimes I have really clever thoughts. Like, why is the world eating pannacotta and not blancmange? As far as I can tell they’re the same thing. Real talk. I had never eaten a blancmange before I made this one. But I had always felt strongly that jellied milk would be the pudding for me. So, […]


    I was never going to be allowed a McDonald’s birthday party. That much was clear. I could have pretty much everything else I wanted. And what I wanted – every year – was for my mum to make caramel squares, and for my dad to play Joe Dolce’s Shaddap You Face. These ones have roasted […]