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    Baking is mad. There are a million different things that have a combo of butter, flour, sugar and eggs at their hearts. So, when I set out to make brioche, I wasn’t convinced I’d end up with brioche. Maybe I wasn’t capable of kneading all the butter and eggs in the nuanced way that would result in a soft, […]


    I once read some writing guidelines that said you shouldn’t write stories about moments in time that change everything forever, because that’s boring. Never mind. Isn’t that most stories? Paris, my birthday, spring. We’ve torn through a poulet rôti in the park. And we’re all what shall we do now? Do you want to look […]


    We were in Toulouse and I’d stuffed myself silly with confit duck when I discovered CAFÉ GOURMAND, which is a French concept, not a place. At pudding time, you get an espresso and a bunch of mini things. So, if you’re a bit flup and unable to commit to a flambéed booze-pancake or a pie dish of […]