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    1) Du-pars is where you want to eat a pie, with its brown leather, black and white tiles, and light that’s gold like pastry. But I’m in a hurry so, regrettably, it’s coconut pie to go or no coconut pie at all. Du-Pars asks me, impatiently: “Coconut cream or coconut custard?”. “What’s the difference?” (I […]


    I love it when a food trend happens and I’ve got its number. Like how blancmange is panna cotta and pound cake is just cake, and avocado chocolate mousse is a stain on humanity. I was looking for an American pie. Oh, pie. Great and round and proud and delicious, and less intimidating to live with than a layer cake […]


    Pies and tarts are the best for taking to your pal’s house. No heating of sauce, no fear of collapse, minimal balancing on the bus. So, stick this one in your back pocket (or, a cake tin), especially if you love a slightly savoury sweet thing. It’s the new custard tart. Eat it with loads of sour cream. […]


    Cream pie! America! You are something! We Europeans are so constrained by rules and pastry. America puts a great big cloud of cream on TOP of custard and calls it a pie. I massively respect that. So, I think this peanut butter banana cream pie is important. I smashed bronzey nut brittle on mine, because […]