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    It is March 2008 and we have just got back from a trip to southeast Asia, Australia and all of that. The cupcake is only just a thing. Or actually I have no proper idea whether it’s a thing or not because I’m not on Twitter, so where would I find out what we like […]


    There have always been cookies. But more glamorous things kept usurping them. Cupcakes! Doughnuts! Cronuts! Even muffins. Plus, too many cookies are mediocre. The difference between a soft, chewy, crisp-around-the-edges cookie and a cookie that isn’t any of those things is colossal. Like the difference between buttery mashed potato and unseasoned, stringy mashed swede. I […]


    Why are we only supposed to eat gingerbread at Christmas? We have enough to eat then. These gingerbreads are nothing like the lads whose heads you like to bite off in December. They are soft, somewhere between cake and biscuit, and so perfectly spiced. And look how dark! I English-ised the recipe from Tartine but I […]


    Before granny died I did not ask her how she made those crumbly biscuits. I didn’t have her recipe; I didn’t have a recipe because I had no idea how to type the name of those crumbly biscuits into Ask Jeeves. I knew the word had that loaded, guttural ch sound in it, and granny liked […]


    We were in Toulouse and I’d stuffed myself silly with confit duck when I discovered CAFÉ GOURMAND, which is a French concept, not a place. At pudding time, you get an espresso and a bunch of mini things. So, if you’re a bit flup and unable to commit to a flambéed booze-pancake or a pie dish of […]


    I was never going to be allowed a McDonald’s birthday party. That much was clear. I could have pretty much everything else I wanted. And what I wanted – every year – was for my mum to make caramel squares, and for my dad to play Joe Dolce’s Shaddap You Face. These ones have roasted […]